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Online shop specializing in Catalan cava and sparkling wine craft

CLUB DEL CAVA is the Online Shop specialized in Catalan cava where you can buy premium quality sparkling wines

We invite you to discover sparkling artisan wines that we have selected for you and to make the purchase of the best cava in our Online Shop.
We offer premium cavas with its own identity and Catalan Sparkling wines of extra quality, which you will hardly find in supermarkets because they are not general products.
The main characteristic of wine lovers is curiosity and as there are so many wineries and artisans of the cava, with products so varied and different ways to elaborate, we are forced to discover and risk trying different wines to find great treasures.
We have looked for "cavas artesanales" and "wines of author" with personality that flee from conventional flavors, elaborated by master winemakers who bet on the quality of their products and the natural and traditional methods of elaboration.
Wines and cavas elaborated in an artisan way, created with the wisdom treasured in the tradition transmitted from parents to children.

CLUB DEL CAVA selects some of the best sparkling wines that are made in Catalonia and invites you to taste the only wine you can drink during the whole meal, either as an aperitif or with all kinds of dishes.
Cava is an extremely versatile drink that can be taken all year round and not exclusively at celebrations or at Christmas.

What do you buy?

When choosing a cava we must take into account its suitability to marry a meal in addition to its quality. At the moment we can find in the supermarket "cheap cava" "that will assure you a good headache and stomachache". We do not think you're looking for that, right?

We can choose a cava for its aging, a young cava with 9 months of minimum aging, reserve with 15 months or large reserve with an aging of more than 30 months.
Another factor to select a cava is the amount of sugar it contains, from the driest Cava Brut Nature to the sweetest, we have several intermediate types: Extra Brut, Brut, Dry and Semiseco.
We can also select it by its origin as it expresses the characteristics of a territory. There is no doubt that the region par excellence of the cava is "Catalonia".
From a time to this part there has been an effort to make cavas more linked to the territory and with more specific characteristics, such as the "Cava de Paraje Calificado" or the case of 15 Catalan wineries that have separated from the denomination cava to enter to form Part of the DO Penedès and its products have logically ceased to be known as "Clàssic Penedès". They are the reflection of a land, of the same climate, of traditional varieties, of a landscape and therefore of that territory.

The important thing is to distinguish between cavas with identity elaborated of artisan form in front of cavas generalists that you can find in any supermarket.

Give Craft Cava! Give Joy!